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While podcasting remains a difficult medium for smaller creators to realize a direct benefit from, it offers an unmatched connection to one’s audience making it an ideal choice for those who want to develop authority over a longer run. I’ve been actively podcasting for over a decade creating, hosting and producing shows like Dole Whips & Dark Rides, The Part Time Author Podcast, Best Quiz Ever and Waiting for Rockets.

I’ve produced hundreds of podcast episodes and appeared as a guest or co-host on dozens of shows. Let’s chat about how you can use the podcast medium to connect with your audience.

Website Design & Management

Websites remain the digital foundation of any initiative. For the last 2 decades I’ve been developing websites. Thousands of them. It’s been a lot of fun and it’s provided me with a comprehensive skill set which includes: marketing, copywriting, database administration, custom coded solutions, content management systems, learning management systems, campaign management, e-commerce, fundraising and analytics.

YouTube & Video Production

It’s estimated that over 300 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute.  Even with that level of competition video remains an excellent medium to communicate with your audience. I have a degree in Character Animation and have enjoyed producing documentary, animated and training content for YouTube, some of which has been licensed by NatGeo.

I have a full understanding of the YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon Video and IMDB platforms and how to work with other services like Rev and Distribber to conform and distribute online video. Let’s talk about your project.

From California with

In my spare time I enjoy reading and writing about California’s entrepreneurial history. I have written extensively about the people, products and ideas that were developed in California from theme parks to hot tubs, salads and vending machines. I was born and raised in California and have a big ol’ heart for the Golden State.

A Bookshelf in California

One afternoon in the late 90’s I left my house with no idea where I was headed. I’d grown up without becoming anything I’d ever wanted to be. I ended up at a Borders Bookstore to browse their selection of software magazines. On a bookshelf just behind the magazine rack, a 12 tape, clamshell packed, cellophane wrapped VHS training series on HTML grabbed my attention.  The tapes were priced at $149, well beyond my bookstore budget. I bought them anyway and ran home to pop the first tape into the VCR. A few seconds later a man and woman dressed in business clothes and standing behind a newscaster’s desk appeared on screen.  A few tapes later I finally became exactly what I’d always wanted to be.

Since that day I’ve made my living building website, apps, video games, publishing platforms and podcasts. It’s ironic that bookstores were put out of business by the very information found in the books they sold. It’s easy to champion the selection of Amazon while scoffing at brick and mortar stores. I do it myself, but then I remember, lots of us are who we are because of something hidden on a bookstore shelf. Thank you Borders…and Waldenbooks.

Production & Consulting Services


I’ve been using WordPress since version 1. I’ve developed countless WordPress themes for clients, sold themes of marketing places and developed experimental implementations.  I am the developer of over a dozen WordPress plugins and command a ninja level understanding of the “WordPress” way of doing things. I’ve built and managed WordPress sites at both the small business and enterprise levels.


I’ve been producing blogs, podcasts, ebooks, newsletters and video channels for marketing campaigns large and small for well over a decade.  I enjoy production work and working individually or with a team to deliver digital content that uniquely addresses the goals of a given marketing campaign. I specialize in crowdfunding, broadcast and educational markets but enjoy the opportunity to work in other sectors.


Objective based storytelling is both a hobby and passion.  I enjoy building the stories, schedules and budgets that support brand based storytelling as well as looking at analytics data to help understand where a position can be complimented or strengthened. I currently offer a complete range of marketing services to small business, start ups and crowd funding initiatives through the production company, So Long Saturn.

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