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YouTube VR 360 Degree Spatial Media Metadata Injector Tool

In order for your 360 degree virtual reality videos to allow spatial rotation aka "looking around" they need to have meta data injected into the video file. This metadata, which…

How to Start a Fiction Based Podcast

So you want to start of fiction based podcast? Awesome, you totally should! The world needs more stories. The world needs your stories. There is lot's to consider when using…

Inspiration and Creation

Art is a two step process.  Step 1: Inspiration. Step 2: Creation.  Sure, there's more to it.  A lot more. Each of my over simplified steps contain a number of…

The F5 Comic for Animation Mentor

A long time ago in this very galaxy I had the opportunity to be in the inaugural class of the now infamous Animation Mentor character animation school. During my time…


Conversations about Disneyland, Star Wars, growing up and growing old.

Bobsleds & Banthas

A weekly podcast about theme parks, Star Wars, & the Walt Disney Co featuring news, reviews and interviews with Imagineers.