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17Nov 19

Inspiration and Creation

I think of art as a two step process.  Step 1: Inspiration. Step2: Creation.  Sure, there's more to it.  A lot more. In fact, each of my over simplified steps contain an number of sub steps. I don't like sub steps. Research, refinement, structure, appeal...ughh. All that stuff sounds like a lot of work. This work saps the motivation from the moment of inspiration…

22Oct 19

How to get Sculpey Super Smooth

We all want our polymer clay models to resemble a smooth designer art toy cast in vinyl or resin. The problem is, it takes a lot of work to get rid of the bumps, nicks, finger prints, indentations, uneven surfaces and bits of clay stuck to the outside. The bigger problem is, solving one of the above issues can actually cause of some of…

11Oct 19

How to Stop Burning Your Sculpy

There are several easy-to-correct factors that cause polymer clay or sculpy clay projects to burn. All of these factors come down to heat. Heat, is what causes things to burn. Controlling heat and how and where that heat hits your model is the key to consistent clay bakes. You Don't Know the Real Temperature The temperature gauges on cheaper ovens, like toaster ovens, should…