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I'm an Aaron Robbins

The one who spends the day talking about writing, marketing and theme parks.


Out There is an animatic short film I wrote, drew, voiced and released in a single day. The 1 minute short tells the story of two friends who go camping under the stars.  Produced in Animate CC and assembled in Premier Pro.


A YouTube channel offering lighthearted tips and heartfelt thoughts about writing, storytelling and the creative process. Pen & Caper’s goal is to equip and encourage writers who feel frustrated by the medium.  Editor, Producer & Host.

A weekly podcast that’s fun for the whole family.  Episodes tackle kid submitted questions ranging from the serious to silly in a podcast that is as entertaining as it is educational. Writer, Producer & Host.

The fun and interactive kid’s podcast challenging kids of any age to answer Which, What or Who questions related to your favorite pop-culture and entertainment topics. Writer & Producer.

The Internet’s #1 quiz podcast for kids featuring a far-out cast of professional voice artists, original funmercials and episodes about breakfast cereal, cartoons and video games. Writer & Producer.

My Story

On a late 1990’s afternoon, I left my house with no idea where I was going. Somehow, I’d managed to grow up without becoming anything I’d ever wanted to be. Astronaut, uncheck. Professional skier, nope.  Lego set designer, not even close. That afternoon, I ended up at a Borders Bookstore.  Borders didn’t have as good a magazine selection as Tower but it was close to my house and smelled less. Browsing computer and design magazines was a hobby and I was good at it.  I liked the big magazines. The ones imported from Europe that came with a CD-ROM full of software demos. I was flipping through one of these rags when, on a nearby bookshelf, I spotted…

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