Hi. I’m Aaron.

I'm an author, artist, podcaster, programmer and waffle expert living and working in Northern California.

The Empty Book of Everything

An original story podcast written and read by Aaron Robbins. Join Ollie Holiday as he reveals the many pages of the Empty Book of Everything in an attempt to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of its creator.
"Everything you ever wanted to know about nothing you ever knew existed."

-H.B. Flabbercraft

Skating After 40

Dropping in when you're already over the hill.
Voxel, Sprite and Isometrics

Video Game Art

I’ve been fascinated with the art and technology of video games since I was seven years old.  It started with a mechanical light and sound game I was given as a get well present when I broke my arm trying to fly.  As I lay in my hospital bed I playing this pre-video game I wondered who drew the art, who got to decide what the car and trees looked like and, most importantly, how did it know when I’d crashed.

I started making game myself about a decade later.  I cut my teeth with flash and the action script programming language before moving to Obective-C for the iPhone and finally C-Sharp with the Unity Game Engine.

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