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Author. Podcaster. Maker of Exceptional Waffles

Greetings. My name is almost always Aaron. Sometimes, when I mumble, my name is Darren or Eric. One time, at a sing-a-long, I was called on stage to participate.  The singer asked what my name was. I mumbled, Aaron. The singer heard, Harry. Whether I’m Aaron or Harry, I remain the author of award winning middle grade fiction. A podcaster with over a dozen produced shows and thousands of hours of original content. And, someone who understands the importance of whipping air into eggs before folding them into waffle batter. Oh, and I love telling stories and no longer attend sing-a-longs.

Current Podcasts

Here are some podcasts I’m currently writing, hosting or lending my self taught voice acting skills to.

An all ages weekly podcast where segments for each episode are randomly selected while recording. Designed to spark creativity and imagination.

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A father and daughter compete to see who can make better decisions in first reads of choose your own adventure style books on this weekly podcast.

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