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Why I Love Marketing

Marketing is a term that gets a bad reputation. To some, it’s a four-letter word. I understand.

It’s easy to confuse marketing with advertising, and then to think of advertising as solely about selling. Selling, in turn, is often viewed as a way to take money. So, when some people hear “marketing,” they think, “They want to steal my money! How dare they.” And, I agree. “How dare we.” Except wait…that’s not what marketing is or does.

Okay. Fine. Marketers often employ advertising and advertising increases sales which, yes, I understand, takes your money. But, understand, at some point we will need to exchange things of value. The joy for a marketer is found when what is given is far more valuable than the money traded for it. This is why I love marketing.

I love it for what it truly represents. You see, when I think of marketing, I actually see in my head this huge real-world marketplace. It’s a vast place where all the vendors of the world have gathered. As a marketer, I enter this space to tell people something. Ideally, the thing I tell them is important. Really important, maybe it’s something that could change their lives. The challenge is that many others in this giant marketplace are doing the same thing. How do I stand out? Story.

What kind of story? One that’s real. One that makes sense. One that resonates with who we are as people and how our solutions might create a better shared experience of the world. That’s why I love marketing. It’s an honest pursuit of stories that illustrate ideas and products that genuinely change lives. This ranges from medical sales, where products can literally change lives, to a specific carbonated beverage designed for people with unique dietary needs. Or a baseball game, where the marketing message isn’t just “Come watch a good game,” but, “Never forget where you were sitting, when we won.”

Marketing isn’t about creating trivial stories that hold little resemblance to real life. It’s about uncovering real connections between ideas and people. It’s about uncovering the undeniably good. The good you just can’t keep quiet about.

Aaron Robbins' career spans over two decades, marked by roles in both creative and strategic marketing. He has excelled in driving revenue growth, leading rebranding efforts, and pioneering AI-based communication systems. Aaron’s expertise covers a broad spectrum, from managing marketing teams to developing curriculum for digital storytelling. His tenure includes significant contributions as an Executive Producer, Director of Marketing, and Chief Creative Officer. His professional journey is characterized by a unique blend of storytelling prowess, strategic vision, and technical proficiency in cutting-edge media solutions.