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The Oak Manufacturing Company, Inc.

The Oak Manufacturing Company, Inc.

In the mid 1940’s west coast vending machine operators were in need of a vending machine that was flexible enough to allow operators to stock them with different types of charms. Around this time a man named, Harold T. Probasco, had developed a die-cast aluminum vending machine, that was precision built and featured interchangeable parts allowing for this much needed flexibility.  In late 1948 Harold took his new vending machine design and formed the the Oak Manufacturing Company, along with Sam Weitzman, Sid H. Bloom and Leon “Hi-Ho” Silver. The company was located at 11411 Knightsbridge Ave in Culver City, CA. Oak Vending machines became the best made and highest performing machines on the market. In fact, the Oak design was so successful many competing manufactures attempted to steal the design.  So, the next time you are in a grocery store look for a genuine Oak vending machine, they have an acorn price sticker on the glass or the word OAK die-cast on the silver metal chute lid.


Aaron Robbins

Aaron is educational marketing consultant, web developer, author, illustrator and frequent podcaster. He's the creator of the wonderful children's quiz podcast, Best Quiz Ever, and its fantastic follow up, Which What or Who. He can often be found on Interstate 5 headed for Disneyland and looking for beef jerky.

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