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Making Writing Progress

I write four days a week, the other three I write code.  Not a bad split, right? Still, I’m not making enough progress on my novel. It’s like cutting down a tree with a butter knife.  Wood chips on the ground show effort, but the thick trunk looks barely scratched. Why can’t I write faster, more or better? At the end of the day, what I really want to know is: Am I making progress?

Sometimes I start with the goal, a novel, and make a chain of tasks needed to reach that goal. Then, I find the link closest to the goal that I can accomplish now.  A theme needs a novel, a novel needs a story, a story needs a plot, a plot needs characters, characters need problems, problems need context, context needs history, history needs outlining. Can I write the story right now? No. I don’t know enough about the plot.  Can I write the plot?  No, I need to know more about what motivates it.  My version of the Snowflake Method.

Aaron Robbins

Aaron is educational marketing consultant, web developer, author, illustrator and frequent podcaster. He's the creator of the wonderful children's quiz podcast, Best Quiz Ever, and its fantastic follow up, Which What or Who. He can often be found on Interstate 5 headed for Disneyland and looking for beef jerky.

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