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Charles Ginsberg And The Practical Videotape Recorder

Charles Ginsberg and the Practical Videotape Recorder

Charles Paulson Ginsburg was a native of San Francisco, graduated from San José State University and went on to become and engineer at KCBS.  In 1951 he joined a US based electronics company called Ampex. Ampex was famous for its development of the reel-to-reel audio tape recorder, which some sources say was designed at the request of musician Bing Crosby. Ginsberg became the VP of Advanced Technology for Ampex and led the team, which included Ray Dolby, that developed the world’s first practical videotape recorders.

Aaron Robbins

Aaron is educational marketing consultant, web developer, author, illustrator and frequent podcaster. He's the creator of the wonderful children's quiz podcast, Best Quiz Ever, and its fantastic follow up, Which What or Who. He can often be found on Interstate 5 headed for Disneyland and looking for beef jerky.

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