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Thank you to all the campers who participated in Peculiar Panels #1, the first ever Ai Comic Jam
Templates and assets to aid in your own ai art adventures.

A collection a free fonts and fonts free for indie and non-profit comic creators. Get your ttf or otf on and make something great.

Funko Pop Box Template for 2D AI Figures

Open this PSD in Photoshop, edit the colors, name, numbers and figure graphics, then flatten each group to a single layer and import into After Effects.

Size: 7.9mb
Version: 1
Instagram Comic Template – Square

This .psd file is formatted for the 1080×1080 square Instagram image size and comes with a complete set of panel layouts for that size comic including: full panel, 50/50 vertical and horizontal as well as top third split and bottom third split and a bunch of other features.

Size: 7mb
Version: 1
Comic Character Facial Expression Sheet

Keep track of your ai comic character facial expressions using this handy dandy character facial expression sheet. This sheet is built using Dr. Paul Ekman’s six basic emotions as anger, surprise, disgust, enjoyment, fear, and sadness.  It contains text areas for your base prompt and seed so you don’t loose your original prompting ideas.

Size: 16mb
Version: 1
Animated Ai Comics – Speech Balloons

Speech balloons that are easy to import and use in your video editing application.  Bubbles and tails are separated and art all cropped to an exact fit so you can scale and rotate these bubbles into just the right position. No Stroke option in this set.

Size: 120k
Version: 1