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In order for your 360 degree virtual reality videos to allow spatial rotation aka “looking around” they need to have meta data injected into the video file. This metadata, which is essentially text, tells YouTube your video is ready for VR.

  • A checkbox on the YouTube video uploading pages handling this process would make a ton of sense,
  • I’m sure its coming, we just don’t have it now.
  • For now, you get to download the spatial injector tool from Github, unzip it and run it.
  • If you are on a mac or a computer with a over protective vibe, you’ll have to control click to open it or control right-click, select open, to get it running.
  • Again, a checkbox on the upload video process would be nice.
Google’s Spatial Media Metadata Injector

If you are are looking for YouTube or Google Support Answer 6178631, this is the tool you are looking for. That answer now links to the below page.

Worth noting there are other free and paid options for injecting videos with the super secret and over complex and should be auto detected anyway meta tag.

Google’s Spatial Media Metadata Injector

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