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The official, yet non life time support (LTS), version of Unity is out and we are all anxious to dig into the new 2D tools. If you are like me you’ve come to depend on the Unity Device Simulator preview package for testing mobile games. In both Unity 2019 and 2020 you need to enable a “show preview packages” style option in order to have Device Simulator returned as a search result.  In 2020, the enable preview packages option has moved to a dedicated window accessed by selecting the gear cog on the right side of the Package Manager window.  See the detailed steps in the Detailed Steps section below.

Device Simulator
Unity 2020.1

Select the Settings Cog

EnablePreview Packages

Detailed Steps

  1. In Unity open the Package Manager using Window -> Package Manager
  2. On the right side of the Packager Manager window click the gear cog icon next to the search field.
  3. On the dropdown menu choose Advanced Project Settings
  4. The project settings window will open (also available from Edit -> Project Settings -> Package Manager)
  5. Select the Enable Preview Packages checkbox
  6. Close the settings window
  7. Change the type if packages you want to search for using the drop down arrow on the right side of the Package Manager window. Change it from My Assets, or whatever you have selected, to Unity Registry
  8. You can now search for Device Simulator using the search field on the right.

Aaron Robbins

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