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Smells Like Fett

Smells Like Fett

I don’t recall VHS tapes having the ability to show subtitles. Perhaps that’s why, over my countless viewings of the original Star Wars trilogy, I misheard a lot of lines.  This Thanksgiving while watching A New Hope for the mid-hundreds time I was reminded of one of my favorite misheard pieces of dialogue.

It took until 2002 and the release of Attack of the Clones to realize there wasn’t some super fancy battle with dapper smelling soldiers called the Cologne Wars.  I spent years wondering what the Cologne Wars were.  Was Cologne a location, someone’s last name or an interstellar battle for the trade rights to men’s perfumery?

When you mishear dialogue in Star Wards it often makes the world seem bigger.  Sometimes explaining just what something is, Clone Wars, makes it feel smaller.

Aaron Robbins

Hi. I'm Aaron, a game developer, web designer, author, illustrator, sculptor, YouTube personality and podcaster. I'm passionate about the creative process and love equipping others to make things. I run a summer coding camp for kids, teach character animation and produce a series of whimsical podcasts for families on the road.

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