Illustration a Day – High Dive

June 14, 2018
1 min read

Camp Flop is known for one thing. The Super High Dive. At the end of the summer first year campers gather at the base of its impossibly tall ladder and ascend the rungs to take their inaugural leap of fun. Campers aren’t required to leap from the towering platform into the tiny pool below, but everyone does. It’s tradition. A Camp Flop rite of passage and the scariest thing Charlie Flu had ever considered doing. “How tall is it?” Charlie asked bunkmate Rhett Stevens.

“500 feet” Rhett replied.

In actuality the tower was 132 feet tall, a fact that wouldn’t of changed Charlie’s anxiety about making the plunge. In Charlie’s mind any diving board taller than 5 feet might as well go all the way to the moon.

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