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Full Custom Funko Pop – Wolfgang From Don’t Starve

Full Custom Funko Pop – Wolfgang from Don’t Starve

This was a half day project to see if I could sculpt and paint a “from scratch” original Funko Pop using Sculpey’s Ultra Light polymer clay.

When selecting a subject for a project, especially a Pop, I gravitate towards characters that aren’t already Pops. Considering the prolific nature of Funko, this is challenge. Enter Wolfgang from Klei Entertainment’s excellent survival crafting game, Don’t Starve.

Pops are in the 4 inches tall by 2 inches deep measurement range, falling safely in the, “Should I use an armature?” conundrum. I decided on no substructure for the head and a u shaped bit of twisted armature wire for the body. I wish I would have gone with straight clay.

Everything was modeled separately. The head, eyes, hair, ears, body and arms. I baked off each part and then used Sculpey’s Bake n’ Bond glue to attach the piece and paint. When a Pop wont stand on it’s own Funko puts a disc in the package with a foot peg to keep your figure upright. Wolfgang needed the same treatment. Instead of a disc I modeled a small stand with some rocks, threw some point on them and voil√†, upright Wolfgang.

Aaron Robbins

Hi. I'm Aaron, a game developer, web designer, author, illustrator, sculptor, YouTube personality and podcaster. I'm passionate about the creative process and love equipping others to make things. I run a summer coding camp for kids, teach character animation and produce a series of whimsical podcasts for families on the road.

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