First Drafts

In Writing
April 15, 2018
2 min read

I sit at my computer an eager keyboard below my fingers. It’s time. The story is clear and clarified. The characters are named and renamed. Pre-draft work is complete.  It’s time to write a novel.  The first sentence of the first draft irritates my inability to write it, the second and third itch and scratch. Why is this so hard? Is it the pressure of writing the real thing? Probably. Although, it could be that I’m still learning when to show, when to tell, and when to have these blasted characters say stuff. First drafts are terrifying, that’s why I’ve decided not to write them.

That’s right, no first draft.  Instead I write what I’m calling a garbage draft.  It’s the whole book, every chapter, every scene and it’s garbage.  If I were to read it aloud, it’d make sense but I’d have to do a ton of real time editing and qualifying. If I were to sell it, people would get a good story, but one in need of the deepest level of editing.  Sentences have misspellings, non-sense words and quite a few lack periods. There’s tense changes, voice changes and paragraphs that don’t belong.  Honestly, it’s a mess. The whole thing’s garbage, but the garbage is all there. Turning garbage into a second draft is easier than writing a good first draft.