A quick concept for a Cuphead style boss. Drawn in Photoshop with the Frenden brushes,  Rainy Dayz hurls lighting bolts and gigantic water drops at Cuphead and Mugman. I am a big fan of the 30’s and 40’s period cartoon style and had lot’s of fun illustrating this sinister cloud. Didn’t capture exactly what I wanted, but it’s fun to spend a day drawing pie eyes and working with a limited color pallet agrees with my colorblindness.  The background was drawn using Kyles Concept Art brushes.

Aaron Robbins

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Hi. I'm Aaron, a game developer, web designer, author, illustrator, sculptor, YouTube personality and podcaster. I'm passionate about the creative process and love equipping others to make things. I run a summer coding camp for kids, teach character animation and produce a series of whimsical podcasts for families on the road.

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