Pen Names

Pen names are like hats, not everyone can pull one off. If it’s not working, proceed just as you are.

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Writing Advice

Writing a story is tricky. Advice about writing? Even trickier. Certain strategies make no sense, until they do. Outlining is the best approach, until it’s not. Writing by the seat of your pants is inefficient, until it unwinds truth.  My advice –enjoy the process. Like, really enjoy it.  Don’t be afraid to plan, to waste,…

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First Drafts

I sit at my computer an eager keyboard below my fingers. It’s time. The story is clear and clarified. The characters are named and renamed. Pre-draft work is complete.  It’s time to write a novel.  The first sentence of the first draft irritates my inability to write it, the second and third itch and scratch….

Making Writing Progress

I write four days a week, the other three I write code.  Not a bad split, right? Still, I’m not making enough progress on my novel. It’s like cutting down a tree with a butter knife.  Wood chips on the ground show effort, but the thick trunk looks barely scratched. Why can’t I write faster,…

Do You Practice Writing People? You Should.

How many videos on “How to Draw People” have you watched on YouTube this year? A lot? Me too. How many “How to Write People” videos have you watched? Less? Me too. We all agree story is the most important part of visual storytelling, but most of us spend far more time practicing the visual…