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Blue King From Clash Royale

Blue King from Clash Royale

The art direction and character design in Supercell’s 2016 mobile game Clash Royale is fantastic. The knights, skeletons, jousty guys and the kings all have a fun, smooth, cartoon, vinyl thing going on. I’m not a big Clack of Clans or Clash Royale game player, but I like the art enough to try and sculpt out a one day version of the Blue King.

This project was built using Sculpey Original and Scupley Medium Blend. The crown, facial hair, gems and cape were all modeled separately and then attached with Bake n, Bond. The points of the crown and the teeth were by far the hardest part. Cutting the gold gems for the cloak fastener’s was the funnest.

I ran out of time on this sculpt and ended up having to speed through the facial hair sections. It came out alright but there is, clearly, lots of room for improvement. The crown is another sore spot. Getting the points spaced correctly and preventing them from melting over during baking was challenge.

Aaron Robbins

Hi. I'm Aaron, a game developer, web designer, author, illustrator, sculptor, YouTube personality and podcaster. I'm passionate about the creative process and love equipping others to make things. I run a summer coding camp for kids, teach character animation and produce a series of whimsical podcasts for families on the road.

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