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Aaron is educational marketing consultant, web developer, author, illustrator and frequent podcaster. He's the creator of the wonderful <a href="">children's quiz podcast</a>, Best Quiz Ever, and its fantastic follow up, <a href="">Which What or Who</a>. He can often be found on Interstate 5 headed for Disneyland and looking for beef jerky.

Illustration a Day – The Chef

In all, the slow cooked turkey, stuffing and silver serving platter weight closed to twenty-three pounds, but Chef Dornsy balanced it on one hand as if it were a plate of spinach. These casual feats of strength did not go unnoticed by the campers. Rumors about “Doomsday Dornsy” had being spreading like wildfire since the…

Illustration a Day – High Dive

Camp Flop is known for one thing. The Super High Dive. At the end of the summer first year campers gather at the base of its impossibly tall ladder and ascend the rungs to take their inaugural leap of fun. Campers aren’t required to leap from the towering platform into the tiny pool below, but…

Illustration a Day – Dewey Dude

Illustration a day is personal challenge to create an original illustration using a variety of styles five days a week. Today I took a shot at a surfer character that was sketched in Photoshop, inked in illustrator and then it was back to Photoshop for color.

Driving South on Interstate 5

I grew up traveling South on 5 with my parents. Our quest? Disneyland. The eight hour journey down I5 was filled with adventure. Car sickness, bathroom stops, too many cars and not enough chips. There were trials, but there were also champions. A truck driver blasting his horn at my command, generous drive-thru workers and…

Pen Names

Pen names are like hats, not everyone can pull one off. If it’s not working, proceed just as you are.

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Writing Advice

Writing a story is tricky. Advice about writing? Even trickier. Certain strategies make no sense, until they do. Outlining is the best approach, until it’s not. Writing by the seat of your pants is inefficient, until it unwinds truth.  My advice –enjoy the process. Like, really enjoy it.  Don’t be afraid to plan, to waste,…

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First Drafts

I sit at my computer an eager keyboard below my fingers. It’s time. The story is clear and clarified. The characters are named and renamed. Pre-draft work is complete.  It’s time to write a novel.  The first sentence of the first draft irritates my inability to write it, the second and third itch and scratch….

Piano Practice

Seven years ago I was raised from a peaceful slumber by a terrible noise. My neighbor was learning the piano. Soon, I discovered it was the neighbor’s four year old son at the helm. He attempted Mary Had a Little Lamb, The Itsy Bitsy Spider and, the dreadful, Row, Row, Row Your Boat . For…