The Animation Mentor F5 Comic

Years ago I attended the Animation Mentor school for Character Animation. It was a fantastic experience. I enjoyed the classes, the teachers and the student body.  In the months leading up to the launch of the school, I was in the inaugural class, there was a community of new character animators who were frantically gathering online, and occasionally in the Bay Area, in anticipation of the school’s opening. During that time I started a comic strip as a way to contribute to the community.  A few months later while hanging out at the Animation Mentor headquarter in Berkley, of the founders recognized my name as the creator of the F5 comic and asked me if I could create of monthly strip for the school’s newsletter.  15 years later, the strips I made for Animation Mentor don’t seem quite as funny as they once did but my memories of the experience are still fresh and still fantastic.


Aaron Robbins

Aaron Robbins is educational marketing consultant, web developer, author, illustrator and frequent podcaster. He is the creator and producer of the fantastic children's quiz podcast, Best Quiz Ever, the author of Who Made Campfires and Baby's First Comic Book and a documentary filmmaker at