Paddington Bear 1976 TV Show Intro Recreated

The lovable Paddington Bear, create by Michael Bond, got his own stop motion animated TV show in January of 1976.  I love the minimalistic art style of the original Paddington Bear show and decided to recreate the intro to celebrate the 41st anniversary of me and that show.  The props were made of foam core poster board and some card stock.  I crafted a stop motion rail system out of spare rules I had left over from an animation class I recently taught and ran my Canon T6i into Stop Motion Pro eclipse. The project took 11 hours and 300’ish frames to complete.  Lots of fun.

Aaron Robbins

Aaron Robbins is educational marketing consultant, web developer, author, illustrator and frequent podcaster. He is the creator and producer of the fantastic children's quiz podcast, Best Quiz Ever, the author of Who Made Campfires and Baby's First Comic Book and a documentary filmmaker at