Don’t Drown Your Food. Text Transcribed from 1980’s PSA Commercial

I was doing some commercial research this morning for a Best Quiz Ever project and wanted to parody the 1980’s Public Service Announcement “Don’t Drown Your Food” in which a cartoon lifeguard named Louis helps kid’s understand that food covered in sauce is no good.  The ad was part of the Bod Squad series produced by ABC during the 70’s and 80’s. I can’t substantiate this, but I believe the studio that produced the infamous School House Rock also produced the Bod Squad PSA’s.   Point of the post, I couldn’t find the actual lyrics to the song, which I needed for my “research”, so I decided to transcribe all 30 seconds of them myself.  For your nostalgic reading pleasure:

Don’t Drown Your Food

I’m Louis the lifeguard and happy to say,
I rescued a drowning potato today.
They drowned it in sour cream, oh what a shame.
Cause food’s so much better when practically plain.
So, don’t drown your food. In mayo, salt, ketchup or goop.
It’s no fun to eat when you can’t even see,
So don’t drown your food.

Aaron Robbins

Aaron Robbins is educational marketing consultant, web developer, author, illustrator and frequent podcaster. He is the creator and producer of the fantastic children's quiz podcast, Best Quiz Ever, the author of Who Made Campfires and Baby's First Comic Book and a documentary filmmaker at