Writer & Filmmaker

Short Films


Pinball Pirate

2017 - Documentary Short

What’s the use in owning a pinball machine if you don’t know anyone who can fix it? “Pinball Pirate” is a short subject film following the journey of filmmaker Aaron Robbins to find California’s legendary pinball fix-it wizard, the Pinball Pirate.

Inside the Circle

“Inside the Circle” is a short subject documentary about Emile Furlan, an Italian born WWII French Resistance fighter who, along with his wife Simone, brought the game of Petanque to Sacramento, CA.

Inside the Circle

2017 - Documentary Short

Out There - Animatic

“Out There” is an ultra short animatic written and illustrated by Aaron Robbins which explores the deeperer questions about life, the universe and camping. “Out There” was screened at the 2017 PublicEyeSore festival.

Out There

2016 - Animatic Short

Half Dome 101

“Half Dome 101” is educational short about the geological and climbing history of Half Dome. Written and Illustrated by Aaron Robbins, “Half Dome 101” was licensed by NatGeo for a social media campaign in 2017.

Half Dome 101

2016 - Illustrated Short



Two Minute Tour

Knights Landing

Two Minute Tour

William Land Park

Two Minute Tour


How it Got its Name


Cool Words for Kids


Cool Words for Kids

Ladder & Bee

Cool Riddles for Kids

Saint Hope School

Giving Tuesday

I'm Aaron Robbins

Disneyland Knowledge 96%
Cold Brew Coffee Consumption 87%
Dubstep Appreciation 43%
Cookies with Nuts Tolerance 22%
Kitten Affection 14%
Regerts 0%

Hello. I’m Aaron Robbins, a 20 year veteran of the online media world. I’ve been podcasting for nearly a decade, producing shows like Dole Whips & Dark Rides, The Part Time Author Podcast and Best Quiz Ever. I have a degree in character animation and business administration. I love screenwriting, filmmaking and safe drone flights. When not producing new media content and films, I consult in the higher education and broadcast sectors. I’ve built 892 websites, love California and make exceptional waffles.

Jobs I'm Qualified to Perform

  • Tune-up skis and bindings made prior to 1999
  • Cook perfect waffles on consumer grade equipment
  • Anything and everything imaginable with WordPress
  • Program amusing distractions in C#, PHP & Javascript
  • Write commercials for products that don’t exist
  • Give directions to anyplace in California
  • Guide tours of “The Karate Kid” filming locations
  • Tell a great story in any medium