I’m Aaron Robbins a 20 year veteran of the online media world. I’ve been podcasting for nearly a decade, hosting shows like Dole Whips & Dark Rides and The Part Time Author Podcast. I have a degree in character animation and business. I love screenwriting and I’m the co-founder of California’s best video production house, So Long Saturn.  When not producing new media content and films I consult in the higher education and broadcast sectors. I love California and make exceptional waffles.

Kid & Family Quiz Podcast

A fun and fantastic family quiz podcast featuring questions about your favorite pop culture places and things. Best Quiz Ever episodes are narrated by a cast of professional voice talent and released weekly.

Role: Creator, Writer, VO

Documentary Short

“500ft Ahead” is a documentary film about adventure and the unknown. It explores the people and places that cater to the curious while challenging viewers to explore the question, “What’s worth stopping for?”

Role: Co-Producer, Writer, Subject

MagicaVoxel & Unity

I love teaching.  I’m the founder of the Game Dev Garage summer coding camp, teach higher education character animation classes and run two YouTube tutorial channels related to coding and 3D.

Role: Instructor, Editor

Commercial and Campaign Video Production

Behind every product is an idea. Behind every idea is a story about the person who was brave enough to think it out loud . So Long Saturn tells the story of ideas, products and people in engaging, relatable and cinematic ways. Let us launch your story into orbit so it can be understood and shared by people around the world.

Role: Co-Founder, Producer, Writer

Website, YouTube and Podcast Platform Management

I’ve been developing websites for 20 years and managing content delivery networks for almost as long. I’ve spent my entire professional career building and testing new media marketing solutions and platforms for companies large and small.  I’ve consulted for numerous mobile and social media start ups, helping them find their voice and story. If you are interested in building a successful website, crowdfunding campaign, YouTube Channel or Podcast, let’s chat about how I can help.

Story, Illustration, Animatics and Voice Over

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