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Interactive Audio

Telling stories through game and interactivity is one of my core passions. I’ve created a number of interactive audio experiences such as Best Quiz Ever, Somewhere Galactible & The Empty Book of Everything. More is on the way.


I started as a web developer and went on to get a degrees in business and character animation. I became an app and game developer and started a summer coding camps for kids. I now consult in the education and broadcast sectors.


I was born and raised in the Golden State. I know I5 like the back of my hand and the trails of Tahoe and Yosemite as if they were my own backyard. I love California and have a heart for Burbank, Fort Bragg and old mining towns.

Thanks for scrolling down. I'm Aaron Robbins a 20 year veteran of the online media world. I've been podcasting for nearly a decade, hosting or co-hosting shows like Dole Whips & Dark Rides and The Part Time Author Podcast. I also run several YouTube channels related to 3d modeling and game development which have garnered nearly 2000 active subscribers. I love writing and producing media for entertainment and education while exploring what role interactivity can play in traditionally passive experiences. When not producing new media content I'm an online marketing consultant in the broadcast and educational sectors. I love California and make exceptional waffles.

Current Productions

Best Quiz Ever

A fun and fantastic family quiz podcast featuring questions about your favorite pop culture places and things. Best Quiz Ever episodes are narrated by a cast of professional voice talent and released weekly.


Photoshop Layers Not Importing Into After Effects

This is just a friendly reminder to myself and anyone else out there having trouble importing Photoshop layers into After Effects.  There are two basic things you need to have in order to get your .psd file to import as a layered…

Mutual Hook and Ladder No. 1.

Sacramento, California is home to the first volunteer fire department in the western United States.  In the late 1840's Sacramento consisted of many wooden buildings which were built quickly and placed close together. A series of fires during the gold rush era promoted…

Charles Ginsberg and the Practical Videotape Recorder

Charles Paulson Ginsburg was a native of San Francisco, graduated from San José State University and went on to become and engineer at KCBS.  In 1951 he joined a US based electronics company called Ampex. Ampex was famous for its development of the…

The Oak Manufacturing Company, Inc.

In the mid 1940's west coast vending machine operators were in need of a vending machine that was flexible enough to allow operators to stock them with different types of charms. Around this time a man named, Harold T. Probasco, had developed a…


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