Storyteller, Artist & Teacher

Greetings. I am a new media artist and consultant living and working in Northern California.


At the core of my creative being is the desire to manifest worlds. Worlds where things exist in a caricatured expression of all that I hold to be wonderful. As a child I built these worlds with a bucket of legos dumped on the floor. Over the years my creative process has expanded to include programming, 3d modeling, character rigging, painting and of course animation.


Storyboards, concept art and game assets seem to be what I gravitate towards artistically. I’m hesitant to call myself an artist even though others probably would. Regardless, I love creating and find painting to be as relaxing as any other endeavor.


Talking about the history, tools and practices of creative trades is one of my favorite things.  Over the years I’ve had the privilege to teach at several animation summer camps as well as start my own camp for first time game developers. I also run several YouTube channels dedicated to computer arts and game development.